Programming Tutorials

As time goes on, I add things to this space that I had to figure out and thought others could use.

Basic Posix Threads

Here's the basics you'll need to do programming with pthreads.

Suppressing Warnings in GCC

When dealing with your C and C++ code sometimes (not usually though) you need to suppress warnings. This was originally written for one of the boost wikis and gives you the complete story.


One of my favorite things to do is debugging. Here I'll share over time some of my favorite techniques.

Strict Aliasing

Many C and C++ programmers are confused about the strict-aliasing rules. In this whitepaper I explain exactly what they are and about the implications to the programmer.

Original comp.unix.programmer faq

Years ago I put together the first faq for comp.unix.programmers. The original text is still valid and a great read.