DBP Consulting

If you had a modern browser you'd see a clock here, but since yours doesn't know about the HTML5 canvas, you don't see it.

Hi, I'm Patrick Horgan and DBP Consulting is me. I love to write code, to design web pages, to debug, to shoot photos, and to write about it. I live in Silicon Valley and am happy to work for you. I'm also happy to relocate anywhere in the world for a fun job. If you need to contact me for web or linux system work, just use the phone number on my resume, or even better text me at that number, or send me email at patrick at dbp-consulting dot com. Thank you very much:)

Here's my resume.

I will be happy to come in and knock down a lot of bugs for you in C/C++ javascript or python. Bug shooting is one of my favorite things to do and I'll dive down to assembler, instrument your code to find the bottlenecks or anything else it takes to make your code be of the highest quality. While fixing bugs for you I'll find some that you didn't even know you had.

I'll happily fill in for an instructor for almost anything, or write lessons for you.

I'll set up linux servers for you or check that they're secure. I'll make them run faster for you:)

If you need some code moved from one language to another, I'm your guy.

If you align with my values (pretty durn progressive), you'll find me surprisingly affordable, including, if you really need help, free.

I also have interests outside of the usual technology areas, feel free to check out my blogs.

Fifty Fans where I review music from people who aren't famous yet but should be.

National Poetry Writing Month where I've put up a few poems.

The clock is a canvas application, look through my tutorials if you want to learn how to use the canvas. It's an object that you create an instance of like:

<html> <body> <canvas id='clock' width=200px height=200px > </body> <script type='text/javascript' src='scripts/utilities.js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='scripts/canvasutilities.js'></script> <script> clock=new Clock('clock'); clock.start(); </script> </html>

You can feel free to grab it out of the canvasutilities.js, just make sure that if you use it, you note where you got it from. Code wants to be free, but attributed;)

It scales nicely with the canvas size, here's one with a 500px canvas