Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else;)

Some things just don't seem to fit anywhere else. So I stick them here.

Minecraft Circles

If you need to lay out a circle with blocks in minecraft, this will give you the pattern if you give it the number of blocks across.

Making rings or tubing from flat metal

Calculate the angles to file the edges of a sheet of metal at so that when you roll it into a cylinder the edges will meet beautifully for soldering.

RFCs and a script to fetch them

If you don't know what RFCs, STDs, FYIs, BCPs, and IENs are then you can't call yourself a real geek. This will not only tell you what they are, but provide a script to fetch them on demand.

Boost Icons

I designed these variations for the boost icons and put them up here so that the readers of the list could see them and discuss them.

Source for Adaptive Thread Class

This is a bz2 tar file which includes a job manager and an adaptive thread class I've been playing with, as well as an http server I whipped together to test it with. N.B. Don't use this http server in the real world. It's a toy with many security issues. YMMV. Note also, the http server hard codes document root under my home directory, so it won't work unless you change that anyway;)

Dungeons of Daggorath

This is the source code for a port from assembler of the original 1982 Dungeons of Daggorath game from the Tandy Color Computer. It was originally ported by others but has been rewritten and turned into C++ Objects by me. Click the link to download the tarball.